A New Chapter

In 2018, Andrew will be focusing on pottery full-time, hence our new branding direction Webster Pottery!  We're both nervous and excited for this new direction—the future looks bright.  This summer, we'll be showcasing/selling our pots at several festivals in Minnesota, details of which can be found on our "Events" page. 

One of the first things that Andrew did after turning to pottery full-time was contact some of our many talented and experienced friends in the business.  Each of them offered outstanding advice that we think many of you might find useful. 

Melissa Gohman is going to have an exciting 2018 as well, and she told Andrew all about the many resources for emerging artists in Minnesota.  Specifically, http://www.springboardforthearts.com is a fantastic resource, offering users a job board and classes that focus on the business side of being an artist, i.e. how to file taxes, how to organize profits, contracts, gallery representation, and much more.  Many of the classes are hosted in the Twin Cities and are extremely affordable. 

Sartell, MN potter Peder Hegland was also invaluable in offering his knowledge—built over many years of being a successful potter.  Peder gifted Andrew two amazing books by the seminal Marguerite Wildenhain.  Her 1959 book Pottery: Form and Expression is quite an amazing and informative read.  The text is a strong, philosophical deconstruction of the pottery profession, diving into fundamental basics of how to conceive form, knowing your materials, and developing a unique artistic voice.  Andrew suggested, "the book was, at times, a difficult read, but only because Marguerite packs so much into her words.  Each sentence is a carefully constructed idea built on her lifetime of experience from Bauhaus Germany, to 'the farm' in California." 

Marguetite Wildenhain working in her California studio

Marguetite Wildenhain working in her California studio