Andrew and Katie Webster

Andrew and Katie Webster are a married couple living and working in St. Cloud, MN.  They met in college at UNC-Asheville, in Western North Carolina.  They went on to earn Masters Degrees in Art History and Marriage and Family Therapy, respectfully.  In addition to being potters, Andrew teaches Art History and Katie works as a Marriage and Family Therapist.  The Websters take their disparate influences into the same studio and build off of one another.  Their total comfort with one another creates the space for honest critique and dialogue.  Andrew and Katie used to wood-fire their pots, and would return to this firing method if given the chance.  They currently fire cone 6 oxidation, and spend time developing the surfaces of their work through use of scraffito, underglaze, and decals.  The Websters consider both form and surface to create beautiful, functional pottery.